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Look at that handsome tortoise!

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Hi! My name’s Peter. Thanks for checking out my website. When I was 7 years old I got a picture book of insects as a gift from my aunt. It turned me into an enthusiastic nature lover. Since then I’ve graduated to bigger animals, but I’ve decided to return to the insect world (my first love) and explore it more closely with a microscope.

Wild field mouse in England
A wild field mouse in England.
Horshoe snake from Portugal
A pretty Horseshoe snake in Portugal.

In 2017, my mother gave my nephews a handheld USB microscope for Christmas. I plugged it into my computer for them to play with, and of course I had to play with it myself. I was amazed at what you can see with it!

You can zoom right into the eyeball of a house fly and see the detailed cluster of the compound eyes. Or point it at a computer monitor, and you see the individual red/green/blue channels of each pixel changing as the monitor image changes. You can even record video with it.

The compound eye of a house fly
The compound eye of a house fly.
The red/green/blue channels of the pixels on a computer monitor
The red/green/blue channels of the pixels on a computer monitor.

Naturally, I ordered the exact same microscope for myself from Amazon. It was so much fun, I decided to buy a compound microscope too. I’m making this website to publish the images and videos of what I discover.

I hope you enjoy my uploads!